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Sell Your Car

If you have a car you are looking to sell, please get in touch by calling or messaging Will on 07801 071950 or simply enter your details below.

We are particularly interested in prestige cars, sports and performance vehicles, SUVs and other cars which have been highly specified and are pleasing on the eye, but we will consider most cars under seven years old and 50k miles providing they are in excellent condition and have been well maintained. Older vehicles may be considered if they are classics/future classics and in exceptional condition.

We will appraise your vehicle and give you a fair price estimation. Expect to be asked questions about service history the condition of the car’s bodywork, wheels and interior, and also about any factory options it might benefit from.

If your vehicle is on finance then we are FCA registered and able to easily and quickly settle this off for you.

Our valuations are based on market insight, and also on leading industry technology that gives live prices based on the latest available data.

If you live locally, we ask that you arrange to bring your car down to our showroom for appraisal - in certain circumstances we will come to you to view the vehicle (ie a bereavement where the vehicle is no longer taxed or insured). If you are from outside of the immediate area, we rely upon your initial answers and an appraisal carried out by Will on collection.

Funds are transferred immediately once a final deal is agreed and we often appraise vehicles and buy them same day so it can be a quick and easy process for the seller.

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To give you a valuation, please start by providing us with your vehicle registration and mileage.

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Need help financing your next purchase?
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Need help financing your next purchase?